Mateo Galindo Torres

Mateo Galindo Torres (GUETCHA GUARITCHA) is a Colombian born multidisciplinary dance artist based in Toronto. He started his dance training in Bogota at an early age, and deepened his studies in the USA, Cuba, and Canada. His work is highly influenced by his Latinx American background, often politically charged, and inspired by social subject matters. Mateo fuses his eclectic movement training within his choreography creating a distinct movement quality. He has performed professionally in Canada, Colombia, Cuba, Germany, Mexico, and Panama.



Falciony Patiño was born in Funza, Colombia. He began his training in Colombian folk dance at the age of seven with the group Zaquesazipa, in Funza. After finishing high school, Patiño got into the Superior Academy of Arts of Bogota (ASAB) to study contemporary dance. During his time at ASAB, he was part of the folk group Orkeseos. In 2009 he moved to Toronto, to join Ballet Creole, as a student and a company member. In 2015 Alejandro Ronceria invite him to be part of a show Amalgama in the pan american games, in 2016 he danced for Kaha:Wi Dance Theatre as a part of a the honoring and from 2017 he has been doing Mistatim an unforgettable story of reconciliation for children; the creation of Red Sky Performance . In the spring of 2012 Patiño created Cabildo, a group that explores a contemporary approach to Colombian folk dance. Since he was very young he has been experimenting with different dance styles from folk dance, ballet and contemporary to afro, urban dance, capoeira and parkour. Dance is what drives Patiño out of the ordinary.



German Prieto was born and raised in Bogotá, Colombia. He has been traveling between Colombia, Argentina and Canada to study and work as a freelance photographer and videographer. After studying Photography, Fashion Photography, Art Direction and Film he blends love for music and the Visual Arts into his work.