Marisa Bianan

Originally from Kenosha, Wisconsin, Marisa Bianan received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance degree from Western Michigan University. Through her studies, Marisa had the privilege to work with choreographers including Jeremy Blair, Monique Haley, and Carolyn Pavlik. She also had the pleasure of working with Brendan Duggan, the co-founder and co-director of LoudHoundMovement. She has also studied in various fields related to dance including Laban Movement Analysis, Bartenieff Fundamentals, Lighting and Staging, and Kinesiology. While at Western Michigan University, Marisa also performed with the Western Dance Project, a pre-professional dance company, from the years of 2015-2016 under the direction of Whitney Moncrief. Marisa is very eager for the opportunity to perform with Wellspring/Cori Terry and Dancers for the 2018-2019 season. She is also honored to present work at the 10th Annual RADFest.


Lauren Donahue

Lauren Donahue is a dancer, choreographer, and videographer from Grand Rapids, MI. Lauren received a Bachelor of Arts in Dance from Western Michigan University in 2017. Lauren has worked with choreographers such as Peter Chu, Rennie Harris, Marlo Martin, Jeremy Blair, and Carolyn Pavlik among others. Lauren has presented her work at Dance Shorts Film Festival, American College Dacne Association, and Detroit City Dance Festival where she was awarded best in show. These opportunities allowed for her to continue to showcase her work and passion for choreography. Lauren is currently working as a dance teacher in Grand Rapids and is excited to continue to showcase her choreography this year!