host an artist faqs

Q: What are my hosting responsibilities?

A: All we ask is that you provide a place for our visiting artist/s to sleep at night. If you choose to, you may offer them rides to the theater (if they don’t have their own transportation), or a home-cooked meal (if they have time to sit and eat during their stay), but neither is a hosting requirement.

Q: How do I claim my complementary RAD Festival tickets?

A: When tickets go on sale (Feb. 1st), we will be contacting you to reserve your tickets.


Q: What if my RAD Artist and I aren’t a good match?

A: We do our best to match up potential hosts with compatible artists. We will also have each RAD artist who is staying with a host sign a contract which will include a liability release and other information. You will be able to include information that is relevant to you in your artist’s contract. We don’t anticipate any problems because our artists are usually very respectful and gracious, but we understand that taking a stranger into your home is a leap of faith, which is why we will draw up a contract.

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