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Baptiste Rouveure

Baptiste Rouveure produced his first films by the age of 15 years old. He later received his master’s degree in Paris I—Sorbonne. Today he passes on his passion in schools (more than a hundred interventions) as well as with musicians and prestigious bands (Lalique) who call on him for music videos, communications videos, or advertisements. In 2015, he signed 30 episodes of the ambitious scientific and educational series “Atome Hôtel” (France 2 Education).

At the same time, he pursues his work in fiction, where movement and the physical language remains his favorite approach. Baptiste Rouveure questions our relations with the environment by a sliding of the real towards the fantasy. Since 2015, his short film, “And the Winner Is” joined the distribution program set up by a the “Languedoc Roussillon Cinema” in the movie theaters and schools of the region Occitanie. In 2018 after about 40 selections in national and international festivals and seven prizes, Rouveure made his first feature film, “Les animaux anonymes” (The anonymous animals), a fable on the relationship between man and animal. Filmography:

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