Master Classes

Friday and Saturday Master Classes are open to intermediate/advanced dancers ages 15 and above. Sunday Master Classes are open to intermediate/advanced youth ages 9-18. Master Classes are $15/single class; $24/Friday or SundayPass; $36/Saturday Pass; $50/Friday & Saturday Pass; $60 Festival Pass. Registrations will open on February 1st.

Friday, March 10

Afro-Brazilian Dance

Afro-Brazilian Dance explores dances from the northeastern regions of Brazil. The dances found in this region are inspired by the Yoruba, Angola, Nago and Akan people of West Africa. Traditional dances including those that symbolize elements of nature (earth, water, air and fire) will be shared with participants. The dances combine at least two rhythms in their movement; movement syncopations can be found in the shoulders, chest, pelvis, arms, legs etc.,with the  different rhythms in the music. Afro-Brazilian Dance is a study of the connections between the rhythms and the traditional movement, archetype and story, of the elements of nature interpreted as an art form.  Afro-Brazilian Dance encourages students to become aware of cross cultural dance by means of investigating the societal development surrounding folkloric, religious and social dance traditions.

Contemporary Modern Technique

A fast-paced contemporary modern dance class that explores weight, momentum and musicality. Using an eclectic movement style inspired by club dancing, modern dance traditions, and somatic practices, the class moves in and out of the floor and encourages the professional dancer to make personal movement choices and embody immediacy.

Saturday, March 11

Alternative Bodies

This master class will draw from our current training and creative process.  Pulling from a collaged physical and performative practice, the class will include athletic training, partner work, improvisational tasks, and imagined states.  We will focus on disrupting habits and breaking limits through playful obstacles and challenging game-like situations. Through this practice we ask ongoing questions such as:  “What makes a virtuosic body?” and “What constitutes honest expression through our movement choices?”  We embrace imperfection, asymmetry, paradox, and vulnerability.  In this class we will work together as a community, exploring these principles collectively.

Improvising Identity

This master class will draw from my current creative research of embodied cultural memory, identity, and resistance in dance forms of the Caribbean African diaspora through the lens of contemporary dance and improvisation practices. The class will begin with partner somatic exercises and guided improvisations. We will then explore gestures and physical vocabulary from the oldest Puerto Rican music and dance form, bomba, developed during slavery. We will investigate this vocabulary through improvisations and set material in order for participants to engage with the material from their own personal perspectives. 

Ride the Wave, Feel the Fall: Contemporary Technique

This release-based class plays with the balance between ease and power, fluidity, specificity, and detail. Gaining inspiration from a variety of somatic techniques including qigong, bartenieff fundamentals, and improvisation, we harness our attention and access our breath, weight, soft joints, and a sense of connectivity. Beginning on the floor, progressing through standing exercises and long phrase material, we will explore moving with greater expression and refinement—taking that grounded ease into complex spirals, spinal articulation, and off-balance movement that is dynamic, joyous, and fully charged. 

Sunday, March 12

Contemporary Technique (youth)

Dance in Color: Movement Qualities and the Art of Performance: Movement qualities --  the "how" you do a movement -- lie at the heart of performance, adding emotion, intention, clarity and spice to choreography. In this master class, we will learn frameworks for describing qualities, practice accessing different qualities through a guided improvisation and then apply our newfound information to add "color" to a set phrase. Throughout this investigation of movement qualities, students will be encouraged to explore theatricality, subtlety, detail and creative expression.

Contemporary Technique (youth)

Contemporary dance infused with elements of Traditional West African dance of Guinea, Senegal and Mali, and Ishinryu Karate, a traditional Okinawan martial art form.