Allison Shir/Florian Alberge

Choreographer, Master Class Instructor


Allison Shir is a dance artist and educator originally from both Massachusetts and Florida.  She is currently based in Salt Lake City, Utah and is a founder of Tumbleweeds Dance Theatre.  From 2008 - 2013, Allison lived in Holland and Israel where she worked as a dancer, choreographer, and teacher.  Professional highlights include:  co-creating the Holland-based interdisciplinary performance group CorpComposition, co-founding the Tel Aviv-based Ouroboros Dance Collective, and performing with the Israeli-based Aluminum Show on domestic and international tours.  Her choreography has been shown in Amsterdam, Den Haag, Tel Aviv, Nicosia, Tallahassee, Gainesville, Laramie, and Salt Lake City.  Recently, Allison has had the honour of performing in works by Stephen Brown, Juan Carlos Claudio, Daniel Clifton, Stephen Koester, Andrea Miller, and Lesley Telford. Allison holds a BFA in Dance from Florida State University (2008) and an MFA in Modern Dance from the University of Utah (2016). Originally from the north of France, dance artist and teacher Florian Alberge is currently living in Salt Lake City.  He is a founder of Tumbleweeds Dance Theater.  He holds two master's degrees - an MA in Performing Arts from the University of Artois (France) and an MFA in Modern Dance from the University of Utah (USA). Florian has worked as an assistant for different theatre directors: Lev Bogdan, Adel Hakim, Lukas Hemleb and Tatiana Stepantchenko.  His professional performing experience started in 2010 with the Companie Plastilina on the conception of a Butoh movement inspired solo called Portrait de Juin.  Since then, he has worked with many choreographers such as Stephen Brown, Daniel Clifton, Jerry Gardner, Eric Handman, Molly Heller, Satu Hummasti, and Stephen Koester.

Saturday, March 11, 2017: 9:00pm